18th Century Portrait of the Chevalier Michel de Baudre


A superb 3/4 length portrait with beautiful detail, oil on canvas.
Portrait of the Chevalier Michel de Baudre from the "Carabiniers de Monsieur le Comte de Provence".
On the back remains of a signature and dating: J ... R ... 1773.

Dimensions (including frame):
Height = 96 cm (38") 
Width = 127 cm (50") 
Depth = 12 cm (5")

The present, recently rediscounted portrait of an officer of one of the most prestigious cavalry giants of the Ancien Régime is an interesting addition to the oeuvre of the French portraitist Joachim Rupalley. He received his training from Jean Restout. His elegant and refined production was highly esteemed by his contemporaries. Since he left Paris after his training, only a few works are known to him. Thus he created the portraits of the bishops of Bayeux, Paul d'Albert de Luynes and Pierre-Jules-César de Rochechouart, both of whom were received at the Musée des Beaux Arts in Bayeux. The present painting, with its self-portrait of 1765, was in the Paris art market (Cornette de Saint Cyr, 25 October 2013, lot 16, € 20,000)
Michel de Baudre, officer of one of the most distinguished cavalier givers in France, was married to Catherine Sophie de Sorrhouet. He is wearing the uniform of a chief of the regiment in parade-wheeling.


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