Dutch Winter Landscape Skating Scene by Anton Doll (1826-1887)


Oil on canvas, Circa 1860. signed by the artist in a hand finished gold leaf frame.

Dimensions: 30"/ 76cm x 43"/ 110cm (Overall)

Biography: Anton Doll (March 3 1826 in Munich - May 2, 1887). A German landscape painter and representative of the Munich school. Doll was taught by Franz Dahmen (1793-1865).

His most famous works include city views his hometown especially depictions of village life around Munich with winter scenes. His works are exhibited at the Neue Pinakothek in Munich and the graphic collection of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and the Munich Kunstverein.

Doll continued to develop the genre of landscape painting thus following the tradition of painters such as Peter von Hess, Carl August Lebschée, Michael Neher, Heinrich Bürkel and Moritz Eduard Lotze. 
His paintings found Doll on excursions to the Munich foothills of the Alps, Switzerland and northern Italy. 

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