Oil Painting, Portrait of a Hunter by George B Liebig (German 1873-1937)


Oil painting, portrait Oil on wood of Johannes Moorhart

Johannes Moorhart in a hunters outfit, with coat of arms in the upper left corner.Signed by the artist B Liebig & titled on the reverse H Johannes Moorhart born 09/06/1864. Bernhard Liebig 1920 Frankfurt.

Panel size: 49" x 35" (125cm x 89cm)

Framed Size: 52" x 38" (132cm x 96cm)

Georg Bernhard Liebig (born March 17, 1873 in Wernersdorf, Silesia, † 1937 in Frankfurt am Main) was a German painter and graphic artist and known for his etchings and bookplate works

He studied at the Berlin Academy of Arts with Julius Ehrentraut and Max Koner and at the Weimar Art School with Carl Frithjof Smith. He went to Frankfurt am Main around 1893, where he mainly worked. His creative period was mainly between 1888 and 1918. He spent his summer vacation in the old office building in Seeheim-Jugenheim, mainly between 1928 and 1933.


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