ON SALE: Pastel Nude by Domingo Alvarez Gomez (Barcelona, 1942-). SALE PRICE:


WAS £1,450 - CLEARANCE PRICE - £950

Dimensions: Framed

H 38" x W 31" 

H 96.5cm x W 79cm

Biography: GOMEZ ALVAREZ DOMINGO Barcelona 1942
Self-taught from a young age became known as an illustrator and worked for various book publishers and magazines. Assists natural classes of artistic Circle Sant Lluch, perfecting his innate ability pictorial in 1975 and began his new and final stage as a painter. Held individual exhibitions in which the female is the main themed. The female figure, both to read and in red chalk drawings and pastels, is the favorite subject of Sunday. There is a constant or renewed mystery that needs to express as an explorer of ideas and forms. His interest is moved by the thought that both will want to endorse as the harmony of its composition. Their formal perfection is a kind of place for the admiration for the female lead to have the beauty of thought.
EXHIBITIONS: Rua 2 Galera, Galera Llamas Burgos, Palma de Mallorca Galera Strokes, Madrid Caixa Manlleu Galera, Galera Vic Alonso, Las Arenas (Bilbao) Galera The Cloister, Girona Saraban Galera, Galera Segrelles Madrid, Valencia Galera Llamas, Hondarribia (San Sebastian) Art Reproduction Mollori, Barcelona. Showroom La Caixa, Vilanova i la Geltr Antique Galera, Galera Tarragona Braulio, Castelln Galera The Clavitro, Almera. Penelope Art Gallery, Palma de Mallorca. Galera Santa Maria del Mar, Cala Dor, Mallorca. Chamber Beltran, Barcelona. Galera Mayte Munoz, Barcelona. Llamas Galera, Marbella (Malaga) MuseRoybet-Fould-Paris, Coubervois. Prisma Galera, Vilanova i la Galera Geltr Llamas, Bilbao Romanet Galera, Galera Paris Fine Arts Circle, Palma de Mallorca Gallery of the March Foundation, Palma de Mallorca Sogo Gallery, Tokyo World Galler, London Claridge, Paris. 490

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