Oil Painting,Portrait of Viscountess Harcourt, Att to Michael Dahl (1659-1743)


Oil painting on canvas, Elizabeth Vernon, Viscountess Harcourt (1678-1748)
Att to Michael Dahl (Stockholm 1656/9 – London 1743),
Beautiful portrait, Finely detailed face, housed in a very high quality gold leaf 'Serpentine shaped' frame.

Framed size: 62" x 52"

Elizabeth Daughter to Sir Thos. Vernon./Third Wife to the Lord Chancellor Harcourt. A three quarter length portrait of a young woman, facing, head inclined slightly to the left, gazing at the spectator, her blonde hair dressed high on her head, wearing a satin dress. Fifth daughter of Sir Thomas Vernon (d.1710) and sister-in-law and cousin to George Vernon, builder of the hall. She married Simon Harcourt, Lord Chancellor Harcourt, Viscount Harcourt, in 1724 as his third wife. She was the widow of Sir John Walter of Oxen.

Michael Dahl (1659–1743) was a Swedish portrait painter who lived and worked in England most of his career and died there. He was one of the most internationally known Swedish painters of his time. He painted portraits of many aristocrats and some members of royal families, such as Queen Anne of Great Britain, Prince George of Denmark and the exiled Queen Christina of Sweden

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