Oil Paintings, Pair of Landscapes by Abraham Hulk Junior (1813-1897)




Pair of Landscapes by Abraham Hulk Junior (1813-1897)

Abraham HulK Junior was born in the Netherlands in 1851 to renowned Dutch marine painter Abraham Hulk Senior (1813-1897). Although Hulk spent the majority of his life in England, he made frequent trips back to the Netherlands and was well regarded in both countries. While in England, he painted extensively in the region of Dorking, Surrey and Nottingham. He was best known for his Dutch and Southern England landscapes which he painted in both watercolors and oils. He flourished as an artist between 1876 and 1892, during which time he gained renown and participated in important exhibitions at the Royal Academy and the Royal Society of British Artists. During his lifetime, he showed twenty-four works at the Royal Academy, as well as exhibited fifteen times at the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists. Hulk lived for many years in Nottingham where he died in 1922.


Canvas Size: 20" x 30" (51cm x 76cm)

Framed Size: 26" x 36" (66cm x 91cm).

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