Pair of Bird Watercolours follower of James Audubon, signed Elsie Scott 1905


Pair of Bird Watercolours follower of Audubon, signed Elsie Scott 1905.

Overall size 39" x 18"

John James Audubon(born Jean-Jacques Rabin; April 26, 1785 – January 27, 1851) was an American ornithologist, naturist and painter. His combined interests in art and ornithology turned into a plan to make a complete pictorial record of all the bird species of North America. He was notable for his extensive studies documenting all types of American birds and for his detailed illustrations that depicted the birds in their natural habitats. His major work, a colour-plate book entitled 'The Birds of America' (1827–1839), is considered one of the finest ornithological works ever completed. Audubon is also known for having identified 25 new species. He is the namesake of the National Audubon Society, and his name adorns a large number of towns, neighbourhoods, and streets in every part of the United States.Dozens of scientific names first published by Audubon are currently in use by the scientific community.

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