Portrait Oil Painting Gerard Soest (Att) (circa 1600 – 11 February 1681)


Gerard Soest ,(circa 1600 – 11 February 1681)

Portrait of a Lady wearing a brown dress with blue robes.                                     Original un-touched canvas, housed in a period 'Lely' frame.

Canvas size: 30" x 25" Framed size: 36" x 31"

Also known as Gerald Soest, was a portrait painter who was active in England during the late 17th century. He is most famous for his portraits of William Shakespeare and Samuel Butler, but painted many members of the English gentry.

Soest was probably from Soest Netherlands, being Dutch by birth and training. He seems to have been in England by the late 1640s, and his paintings at this time show the influence of William Dobson. His earliest known work is dated 1646.


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