The Annual Stilton Cheese Classic Vehicle Run

The Annual Stilton Cheese Classic Vehicle Run

Nostalgic moment caught outside of our Gallery today. We captured this wonderful 95 year old Ford Model T, known also as 'Tin Lizzie' the first affordable automobile.

Every year Uppingham hosts the start of this event where over 350 classic vehicles will take to the road to retrace a route that was made to deliver Stilton Cheese around the villages, one of the longest commercial carriage rides of its time.

A superb local event and one of our favourites!

April 23, 2017 by Paul Garner
Wise, honest and realistic words from Lennox Cato in The Rutland & Stamford Mercury last week about buying antiques...

Wise, honest and realistic words from Lennox Cato in The Rutland & Stamford Mercury last week about buying antiques...

"It's very important to look at who you are buying from because a good dealer who is a member of #BADA or #LAPADA trade association is invested in you. They want you to come back, they've invested in you as much as in the item they're selling because they want your business"... "Buying an antique is like buying a house or a car, when you're buying from an antique shop you are buying at the retail price but look at it like longevity. If you look for the short term, it's the wrong way to approach antiques".

Be realistic with the amount you want to spend however, there's no point bankrupting yourself over an item that will take years to appreciate in value. Buying antiques is a personal experience and should be bought because you actually like it, so don't be seduced by an item being cheap or expensive.

"Some things may seem expensive when you first buy it but as time goes on and you've got that satisfaction from what you've acquired you fall in love with that thing because it gives you so much pleasure, and you can't put a monetary value on how much pleasure that an item has given you."

"Buying antiques is like buying memories".

Garners Fine Art, Antiques & Interiors are proud to be members of LAPADA - Association of Art & Antiques Dealers

April 10, 2017 by Phillipa Garner

Predictions for 2017 - Art & Antiques

Flicking through the Antiques Trade Gazette earlier this month, we saw some promising and agreeable predictions and quotes from market leaders in relation to the Art & Antiques market for 2017.

"Customers are happy to mix antiques and contemporary and this trend will continue. The country homes we visit can easily have a Giacometti sculpture on a George II table with an Old Master painting above." Claire Penhallurick - Love this look... works so well in both traditional and modern contemporary interiors.

"There is demand from new blood:...I genuinely believe we have started to move away from modern minimalism and back toward classic interiors. There's a shortage of good paintings but prices for middle-market Old Masters are on the rise." Archie Parker.

"Great expertise, great merchandise, correct pricing, great service and great delivery - anyone who wants to survive and prosper in this highly competitive market will be primarily focused on these." Guy Schooling - Something we wholeheartedly agree with and focus on ourselves. Enabling us to provide the best service we can offer and establishing a relationship with our customers, old and new.

Furniture: make a statement and mix it up - A reaction to minimalism as the mid-century industrial and salvage'look' becomes tired. "...striking quality antique furniture is coming back into the frame as statement pieces to offset the high level of contemporary interiors. This trend is only just beginning..." reports Piers von Til - We've been saying this and offering this style for a few years; we have recently created a contemporary interior space in which to showcase our decorative pieces of furniture, and original artwork at our Art and Antique Gallery in Uppingham. It really sets the pieces off and shows their honest quality and beauty, creating a warm and sumptuous interior.

Do call us if you require any help or advice in curating a particular look and feel in your home with the use of 'one off' and decorative antique furniture or artwork.

It's what we do.



January 20, 2017 by Phillipa Garner
Homes and Antiques Magazine Feature our Dutch Winter Skating Scene

Homes and Antiques Magazine Feature our Dutch Winter Skating Scene

We were delighted to be contacted by Homes and Antiques Magazine when they picked up on our "Object of the week" on LAPADA's site last month, and wanted to write a piece about it and the Artist.

Dutch Winter Landscape Skating Scene by Anton Doll (1826-1887)

Oil on canvas, Circa 1860. signed by the artist in a hand finished gold leaf frame.

Dimensions: 30"/ 76cm x 43"/ 110cm (Overall)

December 13, 2016 by Phillipa Garner

Home Styling with Antiques...

Interior styling with antiques has moved on! No longer do we want our homes full of heavy brown furniture cluttering and distorting our beautiful clean lines and living spaces! However, one or two unique and hand selected decorative pieces add warmth, character and elegance to your contemporary interior, creating a calm and homely place. 

Modern spaces are built with modern living in mind, but we still have the same spaces to style.  Consider... a quality handmade chest of drawers in a bedroom... an antique gilt mirror and console table in the entrance hall... a tilt top tripod lamp table in your snug next to your favourite armchair ... a fabulous early portrait above a simple oak dresser base on that expanse of 'what on earth can we put there?'

Let us help you find the perfect individual pieces that will help you create your dream interior space... Home.

October 20, 2016 by Phillipa Garner

What a discovery...

What a wonderful and exciting discovery for Rupert Maas on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow this week. 

Rupert Maas, Antiques Roadshow's painting expert described it as one “best pictures we have ever seen on the Roadshow in its entire history.”

#SirLawrenceAlmaTadema #LeopoldLöwenstam

September 27, 2016 by Phillipa Garner

Discover our End of Summer Sale...

Autumn is upon us, and now is a great time to consider investing in a special piece or two of unique interior pieces or artwork to decorate your home in time for when the relatives descend in the next few months! 

By typing 'Sale' into our search box you will discover a super selection of antique furniture, fine art paintings and original contemporary oil paintings that are included in our end of season sale. With reduced prices already listed.

We do all the fetching and carrying and are more then happy to bring any pre selected items to your home, so you are able to view in situ before making any final purchasing decisions.

Call us on 01572 823607 to reserve any items or arrange a viewing.

September 11, 2016 by Phillipa Garner

Stockists of English Brand Jim Dickens Fabrics...

We have a super collection of Jim Dickens fabric samples in store for you to browse and order. A beautiful range of elegant and classical fabric in a whole spectrum of colours for your Antique Interiors.

Alongside the fabrics we also offer a convenient and competitive Upholstery service. To include collection, quotation, upholstery and refurbishment services and re-delivery.

Please call us on 01572 823607 to discuss your requirements.

May 10, 2016 by Phillipa Garner

Stockists of Culinary Concepts London...

A personally handpicked selection of Culinary Concepts is now available to buy from our showrooms in Uppingham.  

Established in 1999, their ethos has always been to create quality, inspirational and timeless collections.  Designed with close attention to detail, the exquisite craftsmanship of their artisans allows them to create well executed, and uniquely finished pieces.

As special occasion gifts or lovely styling pieces for your home and garden.


April 12, 2016 by Phillipa Garner
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