Portrait of Frederick Hendrick, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Expert Oil on canvas copy.


Expert Oil on canvas copy ''Portrait of Frederick Hendrick, Prince of Orange-Nassau"

After the original by the artist Michael Jansz. van Miereveldt (1567-1641)

With our 50 years plus experience in fine art, we use our keen eye with professional restorers to meticulously create a painting with a true period feel. Period frames can be used or period copy frames.

In a period Walnut and gilt frame.

Overall size: 56" x 37"

Michiel Van Miereveldt was one of the most successful Dutch portraitists of the seventeenth century. The son of a goldsmith, he was born in Delft and trained in Delft and Utrecht, and from 1590 he devoted himself entirely to the art of portraiture. In 1607, he was appointed official painter to the court of the Prince of Orange-Nassau, whom he portrayed in the same year. His role as court painter also emphasised his status as the most fashionable portrait painter of his day, receiving commissions not only from noble families of the Dutch Republic and but also from visitors abroad. His foreign sitters included many eminent English clients who sat for him whilst on their travels to the Netherlands.

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